Would you rather risk hitting your hand with something sharp or something blunt? If you answered "blunt" – and you have some big pieces of wood to split into kindling – then you might be interested in the Kindling Cracker King.

The cast-iron device is actually a larger version of the existing Kindling Cracker, which was designed by New Zealand youth Ayla Hutchinson when she was just 13. That model has gone on to sell around the world.

To use it, you just place a piece of wood in vertically, so its bottom end is resting against the Cracker's up-facing blade – then you hit the top end of the wood with a hammer. The force drives it down into the blade, splitting it. No swinging a hatchet perilously close to your hand is necessary.

Hutchinson has turned to Kickstarter to finance production of this latest model, where a pledge of NZ$220 (about US$158) will get you one – assuming it reaches production.

If you're interested in another unique approach to kindling-splitting, you could also check out Mr. Quicksplit.

Source: Kickstarter

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