Everything AND the kitchen sink

Everything AND the kitchen sin...
The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit
The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit
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The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit
The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit
The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit
The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit

June 03, 2009 If you're the kind of person who likes to over-pack when you head out to the great outdoors, now you can say you've brought everything and the kitchen sink. The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit simply pops out ready for the washing up. It holds five liters of water and tucks up snugly in a convenient carry pouch that can be attached to your belt.

Once opened out, the kitchen sink is held in place by a steel rim and the reinforced carry handles mean you can use the sink to carry water back to camp from a nearby stream or river.

The Kitchen Sink is waterproof, will hold hot water and detergent and is just as suited to washing the dishes as yourself. Once you've finished using it, it neatly folds away.

For more information, visit Sea to Summit.

David Greig

Henry Van Campa
Living in a van I have discovered a better way washing dishesNo need to fill kitchen sink like full of water like that. First , put dirty spoons, forks, knives and such in a big mug. Add two drops of dish wash liquid and fill the cup 2/3 full of hot water. Now wash the things in the mug using the dish brush and place them into anothe big mug for rinsing up later. Next use the brush, dunked to the dish wash water mug, to clean plates, pots and pans and put them draining into suitable place. Fill the cup with washed knives, forks and spoons with hot water to rinse. Pull all items out and place tostorage box. no need to dry as hot water evaporates. Use the remaining water to rinse plates, pots and pans. This way I never fill up the sink and use about one litre hot water for my dishes. The dish wash liquid bottle , 600 milliiters, has lasted me 8 months!
Ryan Heibloem
New? I've had a bucket and sink like that since the early 1980's!