Backpacks are one of the most convenient ways to carry around a wide range of gear throughout your day – but only if you remember to pack it up with all you need in the first place. Forget something and the usefulness of the backpack drops significantly. By combining technologies that already exist in one form or another into one backpack, the Klifit – now raising funds on Kickstarter – aims to keep you organized, charged and secure.

Most backpacks out there that claim the title "smart" – like the Tetra Poros, AMPL Labs Smartbag or TYLT Energi+ backpack – do so because they incorporate some way for you to charge your devices on the go. While that's certainly a helpful feature, and one the Klifit has incorporated, the Klifit goes a step further by building in device-tracking technology so that your backpack can tell you if you're missing something before you leave your house or the coffee shop.

While tracking devices like the TrackerPad and Tile already exist, we've not seen them built into a backpack before. And while those make use of Bluetooth technology, the Klifit does its tracking tricks through a series of clips and cards that use RFID tech, which means they don't have batteries that will eventually die.

The concept is simple and works similarly to other trackers. You attach either a clip, card or keychain fob to the items you want to have in your backpack every day, and an accompanying app on your smartphone links to the bag to let you know when all items are in place. The trackers are moveable, so if you have an important paper to bring in Friday, you just move your tag to it the night before to make sure it gets included with your gear.

In addition to its small 1,000 or 2,000-mAh onboard battery to charge your devices in an emergency and its tracking tech, the Klifit also has a security feature that lets you lock it down via a strap and Bluetooth-connected locking mechanism. The lock can be activated via the app or through a series of taps on the large locking hasp.

Beyond that, the backpack looks like it will be well made from ballistic nylon, will have safety reflectors sewn into the outside, will be weather resistant and will have heavy-duty zippers and an ergonomic design.

Ordering the backpack and two clips with the 1,000-mAh battery through the Kickstarter campaign will set you back US$155 and the 2000-mAh battery bumps that up to $165. More clips and cards drag the price up higher as well.

The campaign has just recently launched is about one-fifth the way to its goal of raising $50,000. If that happens, and the team doesn't meet production difficulties (as teams so often do during crowdfunding projects), the backpack set to deliver in December of this year.

Source: Kickstarter

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