Though dual driver earphones are not uncommon these days, most earphones send all the audio through a single driver only. Truly wireless buds – spearheaded by the successfully crowdfunded Earins – are in the wild too, but the majority of Bluetooth-enabled ear plugs have cables between each earphone, which will also likely feature a single driver. How about a combination of both dual driver and truly wireless? KNZ Technology says that's not just rare, but doesn't actually exist. The Georgia-based company is looking to change that with its "world's first" SoundFlux dual-driver truly wireless headphones.

As we've discovered with the Earin Bluetooth earphones, not having cables dangling from our ears can be a liberating experience when at the gym, jogging through the park, on a packed train or just wandering around town. And they look cool. They don't sound too bad either.

But KNZ says that its SoundFlux Bluetooth 5 earphones offer a much improved dynamic range compared to what's currently available in the shops. This is thanks to a dual driver design, where the lower frequencies are routed through one 6 mm driver and the mids and highs sent through another. The audio is then merged before being output at the bud end.

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating – or in this case hearing – of course, but though there are very capable single driver earphones, dual driver flavors do tend to overcome a number of single-driver shortcomings (such as limited frequency curve and annoying distortion) for increased efficiency and an improved overall listening experience. We'd have to plug in ourselves before commenting further, but the frequency response comparison supplied by KNZ (above) does look promising.

The SoundFlux earphones have the look of a short Bluetooth earpiece, rather than the bullet-like plugs of some other truly wireless models. There are controls on the outer shell for such things as playback and taking calls, and to engage a SoundPass mode that allows ambient sound through so you can chat to friends and even hear traffic approaching when out for a run, without pausing the music. If you'd rather not have the sounds of the outside world spoil your listening, included noise cancellations tech should help.

Where some Bluetooth audio gear can suffer latency issues, KNZ reckons that the SoundFlux earphones will allow for streaming video and movie watching without the audio lagging behind the onscreen action.

Listeners are promised up to 4.5 hours of mixed music and phone use per charge from the SounFlux earphones on their own, though carrying the charging case along – which has its own battery – can extend use time in return for short fast charging breaks.

The featherweight 0.15 oz (4 g) per earphone shouldn't prove too much of a weighty problem when plugged in, and KNZ says that the soft silicone buds will keep them securely in place even if you can't control your bopping head. For added peace of mind, the package will include earhooks for a more secure fit.

And an IP66 waterproof rating means that you can wear them during sweaty workouts without issue, or jog during a downpour. KNZ says that you could even wear them in the shower if you're careful not to drown them in shampoo or soap.

The SoundFlux earphones are expected to retail for US$119 if/when they go on sale, but KNZ has headed to Indiegogo to fund production. Pledges start at $69 and if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in September. The video below has more.

Sources: KNZ, Indiegogo

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