For its first foray into a crowded earphone space, PSB Speakers is aiming straight for the audiophile jugular with a combination of hybrid dual-drivers and its own Roomfeel technology. When the source audio signal reaches each M4U 4 in-ear monitor, the lower frequencies are directed to a dynamic driver while the higher end head for a balanced armature driver. This hybrid system has allowed the company's designers to add back the acoustic signature of a typical listening room for greater space and true-to-life presentation of recorded music.

The two-way hybrid design comprises a moving coil dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. The company says that the individually calibrated balanced armature driver's low moving mass makes it a good fit for delivering detailed high frequencies. The lower registers are the domain of the tuned moving coil driver, which benefits from three separate chambers to smooth the response and nip resonance in the bud, resulting in what the company describes as a "deep, deep bass response that is punchy and crisp without sounding fat or boomy." A mini PCB creates a precision crossover network to divide the audio signal between the drivers.

The M4U 4 in-ear monitors have been developed to give a flat, neutral response with added Roomfeel for more spacious, realistic reproduction. PSB explains that almost all recorded music is monitored using direct radiating loudspeakers, and this proprietary transfer technology takes into account the effects that a typical listening room has on music playback.

The new earphones come with two 1.2 m (4 ft) detachable cords, one with an inline controller and mic for use with an iPhone and the other without. Sporty types can choose to wrap the cord over the ears to keep the in-ear monitors in place during physical activity. Three different-sized soft silicone buds are included, as well as small/medium/large Comply Foam buds with wax guards.

The PSB M4U 4 in-ear monitors will be available in black or white from next month for a suggested retail price of US$299.

Source: PSB Speakers

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