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Kogan announces Kevin37 HDTV to coincide with economic stimulus package

Kogan announces Kevin37 HDTV t...
Kogan's Kevin37
Kogan's Kevin37
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Kogan's Kevin37
Kogan's Kevin37

March 5, 2008 Like many governments around the world, Australia's leaders are pouring taxpayer dollars into the economy via stimulus packages designed to counter the effects of the global economic downturn. In Australia, this translates to tax-free payments of AUD$900 destined for the bank accounts of those who earned under AUD$100,000 in the 07-08 financial year. The idea is for consumers to spend the money, and Kogan has cleverly capitalized on what's been dubbed the "flat-screen TV bonus" with the announcement of their "High Definition Stimulus" - a $900, 37-inch 720p HDTV called "Kevin37".

While the joke might sail over the heads of many of our readers, Australian's will get a chuckle at the play on the campaign slogan "Kevin 07" used by current Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the last Federal election.

The 37-inch set sports a 1366 x 768 resolution, 6ms response time, 600cd/m2 brightness and HDMI, VGA, Component, S-Video and RF inputs.

"Many Australians have been waiting for an opportunity like this to bring their living rooms into the digital age with a big screen high definition set. The KEVIN37 in conjunction with the tax bonus is a great combination for Australians looking for an affordable home entertainment solution" said Ruslan Kogan, founder and director of Kogan Technologies.

The Kevin37 is available direct from Kogan.

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