If you're like most people, you probably don't like leaving the bathroom smelling of "what you've done" after using the toilet. While spray cans and matches may mask the odor, Kohler's new Purefresh toilet seat goes a step further – it filters the air right at the source, plus it adds a fresh scent of its own.

The device incorporates a fan that's activated when the user sits down, which directs the toilet bowl air through a replaceable carbon filter and a scent pack. It's powered by two D-cell batteries, which should reportedly be good for about six months of use. The filter should be changed after that same amount of time, whereas the scent packs will need to be refilled about once a month. They're available in three scents, by the way: Garden Waterfall, Soft and Fresh Laundry, and Avocado Spa.

There's also a dual LED nightlight built into the seat, which first assists users in locating the toilet within a dark bathroom, and then serves as a "task light" – in other words, it helps keep male users from peeing on the floor.

The Purefresh can be attached to most existing toilets, and sells for US$90 (the filters and scent packs cost $7 and $8 a pop, respectively). A previously-available similar product, the Brondell Breeza deodorizing toilet seat, is no longer being manufactured. That said, you could still check out the Breezy Seat or (if you've got a bigger budget) the Odourbuster-equipped Expellor toilet.

Source: Kohler via StarTribune

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