Nobody likes the smell of a just-used bathroom – and no, we don’t mean a bathroom in which someone has just bathed. That’s one of the reasons bathrooms have ceiling extractor fans, although installing the wiring and ducting for such hardware is a hassle that it would be nice to avoid, if possible. The Odourbuster is an invention that reportedly does away with the need for a fan, by taking those nasty odors and sending them where everything else went – down the toilet.

The Odourbuster has a fan of its own, which is fitted between the water tank and the toilet bowl. It also comes with a remote passive infrared sensor that detects when someone has entered the bathroom, either via motion detection or body heat, depending on the selected mode. In either case, that sensor activates the fan when someone enters the room. Air is then drawn down from the rim of the toilet bowl, out through a pipe in the rear, and into the main soil pipe.

When the toilet is flushed, the fan automatically shuts off.

The device runs off of mains power via a DC transformer, or can use a rechargeable 12-volt battery. While the company claims that the Odourbuster is easy to install, Malaysia’s GBH Group has taken things a step further, by building it into its Expellor toilet.

We have no idea how well either the Odourbuster or the Expellor work, but if you’ve had the pleasure of using one, we’d love to hear from you.

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