The Kolimat Roadscan DTW 1.0 Camera system features a dual lens in-car camera that is capable of recording audio and video of a full days driving onto SD card, and as well as taking stills at regular intervals, displays the speed of the vehicle on the software screen. It is equipped with full GPS that overlays Google Earth satellite images and features Wi-Fi capabilities and can communicate through other onboard equipment like cellular and satellite.

The system not only enables drivers in an accident to present court admissible evidence to prove their case but also lets fleet managers keep an eye on their drivers, as well as assisting with safer driving habits. The system is highly tamper proof with all data encrypted, and any “catastrophic events” over a certain “G” force level cannot be erased. Also featured is a USB port for data transmission, an infra-red LED for interior night vision and remote panic button.

The Kolimat Roadscan DTW 1.0 Camera system is priced starting at US$379.

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