We've seen more than a few handy wood burner camping stoves over the years, including ones that fit into a backpack and others that convert heat energy into electricity. There's nothing overly fancy about Dutch designer Arnaud's Desseyn's Kombuis, but with a thoughtfully designed chute for its biofuel, it might just take the least amount of effort to keep burning.

The Kombuis is a neat, simple stainless steel cooking set for travelers and campers that consists of a pan, a stove and a pot that doubles as a carry container. All packed up, the set stands 16 cm tall and 12 cm thick (6.3 x 4.7 in) and when unpacked, it can be used to cook up some chow either as a pot, a pan, or a covered pot with the pan as the lid.

When it comes to the stove, a side tube slots into a hole at a 45-degree angle and is divided into two sections by a slide that rests along its center. This draws air in through the lower section, through a half grill that sits in its base and upwards towards the pot stand on top.

With twigs of the appropriate length nestled into the side tube's upper section, the airflow creates a chamber for their ends to burn away slowly. The sloping side tube, meanwhile, works with gravity to create a self-feeding mechanism, automatically adding more fuel to the fire as needed.

Desseyn is looking to raise funds on Kickstarter for his cleverly designed cooking stove, and with a few days left to run on the campaign has raised more than double his €30,000 goal (US$37,000). A pledge of €85 (US$105) will have one sent your way in July 2018 if the rest of the campaign and production runs as planned. You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: By Arnaud

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