KTM has re-energized its drool-worthy enduro lineup for 2020, with a raft of updated EXC 2-strokes and EXC-F 4-strokes that make use of the company's new "Supertrax" suspension technology.

On the 2-smoker side, there will be a 150 EXC TPI (now Euro-IV homologated), a 250 XC TPI and a 300 EXC TPI, the TPI standing for Transfer Port Injection, KTM's 2-stroke fuel injection system that debuted in 2017. The TPI system is hugely important, allowing KTM to build massively powerful and torquey 2-strokes that still conform to ever-tightening emissions standards.

In the 4-stroke world, 2020 will see new models of the 250 EXC-F, 350 EXC-F, 450 EXC-F and 500 EXC-F bikes.

Without giving out anything more specific, KTM says the entire range will enjoy "new and more efficient yet high-performing engines, a re-developed chassis with improved WP XPLOR suspension, improved handling, new bodywork, new air filter box, new cooling system, and new exhaust systems. This, combined with the high-quality NEKEN handlebar, Brembo brakes, No-Dirt footpegs, and CNC milled hubs with Giant rims fitted as standard equipment, ensures that the KTM EXC model year 2020 are the best performing and most extreme enduro bikes on the market."

The XPLOR suspension is interesting in its own right – it features "Supertrax" technology that WP has been developing in conjunction with race teams. The chief advance here is an additional TXN, or Traction adjuster on the shock. Effectively, there's a new oil bypass system in the shock that allows riders to fine-tune both the high- and low-speed rebound damping characteristics for a terrific level of control over your handling.

To some, it'll be another knob they can turn to screw up their bike's handling. To others, I have no doubt it'll offer what KTM calls "a smoother, more confident and comfortable ride with less physical strain" and a better feel for rear-wheel traction.

For their part, the XPLOR forks offer cone-shaped valve designs that WP says offer additional precision with reduced harshness for improved comfort whether you're setting them up hard or soft.

As usual, there will be Six Days versions offering some trick KTM Powerparts upgrades, and if you wish to go straight to the top level of spec, KTM's making an Erzberg Rodeo version of the 300 EXC TPI (pictured above) – only 500 will be sold, and they'll feature "a long list of additional Ready To Race parts" as well as a blingy gold sticker kit.

Pricing and availability are as yet TBC.

Sources: KTM, WP Suspension

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