With objects you need to take camping or that you need to keep on you at all times, portability is key. Reducing camping cutlery down to an absolute minimum is the approach Micah Baclig has taken with his new spork. The Kuma fits into the palm of a hand.

Eating utensils are often reimagined for portability and convenience. The Baladeo Eco133, for example, is a penknife-like cutlery set designed to be as lightweight as possible, while the Picnic Cutlery set takes a modular approach. The Kuma, however, is even simpler than both of those.

The Kuma is a small oval stainless steel spoon/fork, or spork if you prefer. It looks like a conventional spoon minus the long handle and with prongs at one end for use as a fork. For use as a spoon, it is held at the slightly flattened pronged end with liquid or food able to be picked up in the scoop at the other end. It will be available in a number of different colors and with an optional protective travel pouch.

A crowdfunding campaign is underway for the Kuma and you can pledge from US$10 to receive your own Kuma spork, assuming everything goes to plan with its production. Deliveries are expected to begin in June 2015.

Have a look at the pitch video below for a closer look at the project.

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