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KWIKTOP: The bottle combination lock

KWIKTOP: The bottle combination lock
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July 13, 2005 We’ve all seen and heard horror stories of what can happen with shared refrigerators and opened bottles of drink in such environments, be they in the family or extended family home, in the workplace, in schools, colleges and universities, in sporting clubs, bars, nightclubs, backpacking and travelling – sometimes it’s a joke, sometimes it’s just someone having a mouthful of your drink and with the advent of Rohypnol and other clear, odourless, tasteless drugs it can be much worse. Now there’s a simple solution to prevent someone leaving their cooties or worse in your drinks.

The KwikTop is a bottle combination lock that prevents access to a drink bottle without the combination. KwikTop is small, re-usable, inexpensive, colourful and user-friendly with the unique feature that allows the consumer to set their own personal code. After placement of the KwikTop over a bottle top, KwikTop is secured by a twist of the three numbered rings. To unlock and remove KwikTop, return to the personal code.

KwikTop has two models – one for plastic bottles and one for glass bottles in the spirits, wine and mixed drinks market and is seeking retail, distribution and licensing partnerships worldwide.

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