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Lacie's LaCinema Rugged hard drive boasts HDMI output

Lacie's LaCinema Rugged hard d...
LaCinema Rugged with remote control
LaCinema Rugged with remote control
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LaCinema Rugged with remote control
LaCinema Rugged with remote control

November 18, 2008 While retaining the same shock-resistant form factor as its predecessors, Lacie's latest addition to its Rugged line of portable hard disk drives is the first to sport a HDMI output for direct playback on HDTVs.

The bus-powered LaCinema Rugged includes graphic menus and remote control for managing content from the comfort of your lounge-room chair and supports HDMI 1080i upscaling for viewing videos on HDTV and photos in high-def. Connection with Mac or PC is via USB 2.0.

The LaCie LaCinema Rugged is available in 250GB, 320GB and 500GB capacities starting at USD$199.

LaCinema Rugged compatibility:

  • Audio: MP3, WMA, AC3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC
  • Video: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (AVI, VOB, IFO, ISO), MPEG-4 (AVI, XviD)
  • Photo: JPEG (up to 8M pixels), GIF, PNG, BMP
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