Almost nothing else on the road draws attention like a classic Lamborghini. Kitted out with the full gamut of wings and scoops, cars like the Diablo SV have a magnetic quality about them, a quality that Super Veloce Racing is hoping will draw buyers to this concours-condition example.

Modern Lamborghinis might have been to Audi's school of all-wheel drive traction, but the Diablo SV is rear-drive only. It's got a manual gearbox, and driving modes weren't really a thing in 1998, so the only form of traction control on offer came from your right foot. Driving a Diablo fast wasn't for the faint of heart.

This SV, though, has barely been driven at all. The car has covered just 6,941 miles (11,170 km) since it was built, which means the 492 hp (367 kW) 5.7-liter V12 is barely run in.

Perhaps the two previous owners were too busy staring at the pearlescent blue exterior, an effect created by painting a fine coat of metallic blue over the standard yellow finish. The original owner liked the color so much they actually bought the ownership rights, which means there are no other Lamborghinis in the UK with the same finish.

The blue theme continues inside, where the original owner chose a blue-and-white finish complete with SV embroidery in the headrests. Super Veloce Racing says the car will come with a detailed service history, both keys and a Lamborghini umbrella. As you'd imagine, price is only available on application.

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