Laptop harness holds any laptop in perfect position to entertain passengers in the rear seat

Laptop harness holds any lapto...
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July 30, 2005 Now here's a fabulous idea - a harness that holds any laptop in a near perfect position to entertain children in the rear seat of ANY vehicle. If you have a laptop with a DVD player, buying one of these US$24.99 harnesses means you now have a back seat entertainment system. The CradleVue laptop computer travel harness suspends any laptop between the two front seats of nearly any vehicle, installs in about one minute and is fully adjustable to accommodate nearly any size or make of notebook computer in sport utility vehicles (SUVs), mini vans, cars, and trucks with integrated or adjustable headrests. The product is made of nylon webbing, tent-quality bungee-like shock cord, hook and loop fastening, and is sewn to rigid quality standards.

"With five children and a desire to visit family, camp and travel to various other activities, this product was literally invented as a result of necessity," said Rob Storey, VueGear president and chief executive officer. "Working with my 12-year-old son on the design and months of design and testing with my friend and co-founder Adam Garfield, we have created a product that is easy for anyone to install, but sturdy and highly functional."

The CradleVue's ingenious and unique design allows for virtually unobstructed viewing of the notebook screen, as well as easy swapping of DVDs, CD's and desired software from the rear or front seats of the vehicle without removing the computer.

View gallery - 3 images
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