Einstein famously maintained that a cluttered desk is a sign of a brilliant mind. However, for many modern designers the desk is not just messy but is also jammed with a mandatory array of PCs, laptops, screens, tablets, and more. French designer Amir Labidi has developed a laptop concept dubbed the “LapTouch” for the creative community, with the specific aim of consolidating design functions and reducing desktop congestion.

As a daily user of a graphics tablet and computer, Labidi says the concept was derived from the difficulty he found positioning a tablet and PC together to be able to press keys while using the pen. These issues, coupled with carrying a separate laptop and graphics tablet on the move, formed the notion of designing a laptop with a built-in graphics tablet.

Though hybrid touchpad laptop models are already available, Labidi’s concept for the LapTouch is aimed at a specific market. The large touchpad also serves as a graphics tablet that features specific touch-sensitive scroll and zoom buttons, to save moving to the keyboard to activate commands. In addition, the touch pad is designed as a removable shell that can be turned to the preferred side.

Labidi hopes that if the new Panasonic tablet or Wacom Cintiq prove to be beyond your price range, then his idea may meet tactile drawing requirements in a cost-effective manner should the concept be realized.

With its good looks and bundled features, the LapTouch concept has been shared on social networks and is currently undergoing a patent application. There is still much to resolve, and the concept’s multiple components alongside the significant processing power to run the design software may prove costly to manufacture.

For the time being at least, the creative world will have to stick to a cluttered desk and its suggestion of a brilliant mind.

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