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Lasershield to unveil Sparrow home security Internet adapter

Lasershield to unveil Sparrow ...
Sparrow home security Internet adapter
Sparrow home security Internet adapter
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Sparrow home security Internet adapter
Sparrow home security Internet adapter

December 27, 2007 Home security specialist LaserShield Systems, Inc. will introduce what it describes as the first Plug & Go wireless instant home security system for the Internet at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The "Sparrow" is a high speed Internet adapter that allows the LaserShield Security System (releases at the beginning of 2007) to be professionally monitored over an internet connection. The package provides 24/7 monitoring by sending a signal continuously at regular intervals throughout the day to Sparrow to make sure it’s always operational. In the event that the systems motion sensors are tripped or if Sparrow does not respond back due to loss of power or Internet connection, the monitoring service immediately notifies the owner.

Designed as an affordable package for homes, apartments, dorms, storage facilities, and offices, Sparrow allows all users to set up their own LaserShield security system through the Internet and also offers a solution for owners of pre-existing home security systems that may not work with digital phones.

The LaserShield master alarm unit plugs it into the telephone jack on the Sparrow device and standard wall outlet. Sparrow is plugged into your router via the included Ethernet cable. Each wireless motion detector protects a room up to 35 x 35 feet (1,200 sq. feet) via invisible infrared technology. When a security breach is detected, LaserShield signals the monitoring service, which notifies friends, family and, if warranted, the authorities. LaserShield also includes a panic button, allowing a consumer to send a distress alert when needed and if there is a power outage, the Lasershield master alarm unit features 24 hours of backup battery power.

The Sparrow high speed Internet adapter is available for $129.99. It includes the Sparrow communication unit, an Ethernet cable, a telephone cord and an A/C power cord.

The LaserShield Instant Security System (including master alarm unit, wireless motion detector and two keychain remotes) is available for $199.95. There is a one-time $25 activation charge and costs are for $29.95/month thereafter. Current LaserShield customers can upgrade to Sparrow without paying an activation fee.

For more information, see Laser Shield.

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