Designed by Mieke Meijer, this lamp, simply called Balance, is a wooden LED floor or table lamp that only illuminates when perfectly balanced.

The lamp itself couldn't be simpler. One wooden rood containing an LED light source is balanced in a T formation across another upright wooden rood, anchored with the electrical wire running between them. According to Mocoloco, the rods have a strip of brass running along their lengths. When these touch, the circuit is completed and the LEDs turn on.

It can be adjusted by simply sliding the horizontal rod to the desired position, and switched off by rotating the horizontal rod, or by removing it and laying it aside.

The designer's intention is that the will to use the lamp must be strong enough to overcome the fear of upsetting the equilibrium.

So far we gather the designs pictured are demonstration pieces only. A video of the Balance in use can be seen below.

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