LEGO Architecture Studio kit targets budding builders

LEGO Architecture Studio kit t...
The LEGO Architecture Studio Kit is available now, for US$149.99
The LEGO Architecture Studio Kit is available now, for US$149.99
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The LEGO Architecture Studio Kit is available now, for US$149.99
The LEGO Architecture Studio Kit is available now, for US$149.99

Ever fancied yourself a budding Frank Lloyd Wright, but don't much relish the prospect of undertaking years of hard study learning the trade? Of course you have, and of course you don't. LEGO knows this, so has produced the Architecture Studio Kit to save you the trouble.

Intended for creative minds of 16 years and over, the LEGO Architecture Studio contains more than 1,200 bricks, which are either colored white or transparent. It also contains a 272-page guidebook with tips, techniques, and features which were written in collaboration with leading architects to help you create your own LEGO-based architectural masterpieces.

The kit received endorsement by several architects which have frequented Gizmag's pages, including SOM, MAD Architects, and Sou Fujimoto Architects.

The LEGO Architecture Studio Kit is available now, directly from LEGO, at a price of US$149.99.

Source: LEGO via PSFK

But I don't want leaky roofs.
Slowburn, don't think of it as leaks but indoor water falls. :)
I was thinking of using Lego blocks to make a model of an idea for a really small house (500 square feet). I think this would make it easier since it is all in one or two colors and has a lot of blocks in the box. IMO; the price is reasonable for what one is getting. I will check online and at the Lego store not far from me.
Don Duncan
I might buy it but I need to see the pieces first. I have some ideas but I don't know if I could express them with the set.
Lewis M. Dickens III
If there is a leak, it's the fault of the contractor for not following the drawings and specifications.
Having lived in the Beautiful little Goetsch Winkler, there never was a leak. But maybe you never heard of a coal tar pitch roof.
Albert Kahn was a huge champion for that approach and that is why Mies appreciated his work.
@BigWarpGuy and Don, I would give Google Sketchup a shot too. It has a really easy learning curve. You can get the basics down in a couple 5-10 minute youtube videos.
You can build the structure and import more intricate things like furniture from the library.
Another possibility with an even lower learning curve than sketchup is Minecraft in creative mode. Minecraft is kind of the video game Lego should have made and is definitely the Lego of this generation.
Pretty cool, but when does the Foster edition come out?
Looks great, but I don't know any architects - let alone wanna be architects - who could afford it at that price!
There is a Lego store not far from where I live. Perhaps one could check them out at a Lego store before buying it? The store is not big but it is cool.
It would be neat to do it in Sketchup then try it in Lego.