If a 31-meter (102-ft) long Lego model of the Severn Bridge doesn't do it for you, then what about a 17-meter (56-ft) tall Lego model of the Burj Khalifa? The world's tallest building has been faithfully reconstructed at Legoland Dubai in what is (fittingly) claimed to be the world's tallest building made of Lego.

The model was constructed using 439,000 pieces and took a total of 5,000 hours. Weighing in at 1 ton (0.9 tonnes) it features LED lights that are used as part of a light show and its own fountain show, like that of the real Burj Khalifa.

Visitors to Legoland Dubai will find the model in the theme park's Miniland area. The park comprises six themed areas in total, the others being Lego City, Adventure, Kingdoms, Imagination and Factory.

Legoland Dubai is due to open to the public on October 31. Ticket prices will start 250 AED (US$68).

Meanwhile, take a tour of Legoland Dubai in the promo video below.

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