The third-gen Mercedes Sprinter is officially a fixture of the American RV industry. RVX served as the debut venue for new-Sprinter camper vans, like the Winnebago Boldt, and larger Type C motorhomes, like the all-new Leisure Travel Vans Unity RL. Not only does Leisure's new plus-sized camper van bring the latest in auto technology and design, it further innovates with a split-cabin layout, mobile workstation for digital nomads, and all-new smart home-style control system. It's no wonder it was voted the best RV for "city escapes" — it lets you work on the road for an afternoon or make it a lifestyle.

While existing Unity motorhomes are still riding on the outgoing second-gen Sprinter, the new 25-foot (7.6-m) RL celebrates leaps ahead with a 2019 Sprinter 3500 cab chassis. The motorhome is a look of things to come, and it all starts with Mercedes' latest full-size van, which brings along an advanced tech suite with Distronic active distance assist, active lane-keeping assist and 10.3-in MBUX nav/infotainment system with voice control.

Leisure plants a multifunctional rear lounge floor plan atop that Sprinter chassis. Bathed in light from three generously sized windows to the sides, the rear lounge serves the role of productive mobile office, breezy day room, comfy TV room and restful bedroom. A 32-in TV and sound bar wall-mounted diagonally face the L-shaped sofa, which includes dual power recliners for extra comfort. The removable swivel table serves as a laptop desk or side table, depending upon your plans.

At night, the rear lounge converts to a bedroom by way of the space-saving 57 x 75-in (145 x 191-cm) Murphy bed hidden against the rear wall. The bed faces out to the dual windows standing nearly floor to ceiling, so with a little strategic parking, campers will wake up to gorgeous views. The TV is also positioned to be enjoyed from bed.

The extra size of a Type C motorhome over a Type B camper van is often put to use in creating a dry bath layout, and that's exactly what you'll find in the Unity RL. The passenger-side cabin ahead of the rear lounge houses a shower room, while the driver side hosts a toilet compartment with a curved-face door to optimize space.

The bathroom compartments also help to split the two living spaces, creating a neat division between rear lounge and front kitchen/dining area. At night, this division also lends more the feel of a proper rear master bedroom.

Looking at the photo below, the open shower room door effectively closes off the central corridor, separating the front and rear rooms completely, but it doesn't appear the door actually secures closed that way.

On the other side of the bathroom area division, the L-shaped kitchen has a sink at one end, a stove at the other and plenty of counter space between. A fold-down extension increases counter space even more. The refrigerator and microwave are located across from the kitchen block on the wall next to the shower room.

The Unity RL seats four around a removable, expandable pedestal table, but not with the common front-facing two-seat bench. Instead, it complements the swivel Sprinter cab seats with single seats extending from each sidewall. Add in the TV on the kitchen wall and you have a second lounge area good for entertainment, as well as dining. The four dining area seats also support a bed, for those who buy the optional conversion kit.

The front and rear living areas are tied together via the latest in smart (motor) home technology. Dometic's all-new IoT Solution system spreads six touchscreens throughout the Unity interior, providing full control of everything from lighting, to cabin temperature, to water system hardware, to awning. The system also provides monitoring of essentials like battery and water levels. The modular screen layout lets users access multiple functions at once, and the system also offers customization capability. Of course, there's also an app for accessing the system remotely via smartphone or tablet. An included wireless charger keeps those devices topped off.

Leisure hasn't added the RL to its rather comprehensive Unity specifications page just yet, so we don't have a full account of every standard feature and option, but we're sure those will be added, along with pricing information, before the Autumn 2019 (North America) roll-out. For reference, current Unity floor plans, built on 2nd-gen Mercedes Sprinters, wear base prices that range between US$132,805 and $140,540.

The Unity RL is available for preorder now, and you can get a quote from a local dealer at the very bottom of the product page linked below.

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