Lenovo has posted a number of images of a new netbook they call Pocket Yoga on their photo feed, sans press release, tech specs, or...anything. What we can tell you is that it's a tiny, leather-bound touchscreen PC with an odd, ultra-wide aspect ratio that can be folded over to create a tablet. And it might just fit in your pocket.

Despite the lack of information, we're guessing there's an Intel Atom CPU on board, and that the Pocket Yoga will come in at a price point less than Sony's VAIO P.

Stay tuned for more details - we're intrigued by this one and will be watching it closely.

Update: Johnson Li, Director of Lenovo’s Beijing Innovation Center, has posted an update at Lenovo's Design Matters blog to set the record straight about the Pocket Yoga. Apparently the design is two years old, and the product will not be released.

Li says "The 'Yoga' notebook experiment is finished, but the stories of new developed products from Lenovo’s design teams are always happening. Innovation never stops. Next time, which story we will share with you? Who knows?"

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