Knowing that there are few places that pose more of a hazard to laptops than a schoolbag, Lenovo has announced its Thinkpad 11e series, consisting of four new ruggedized laptops designed specifically to endure the rigors of the school day.

Lenovo has long touted the durability of some of its laptops, particularly those targeted at students. The new Thinkpad 11e family continues this tradition.

The student-focused lineup comprises two form factors: the traditional laptop and Lenovo's multimode Yoga PC, each available as a Windows-based or Chromebook device. Much like last year's "Education Only" Thinkpad X131e Chromebook, the 11e series features rubber bumpers on the outside, strengthened hinges and corners, along with reinforced ports.

All four devices in the 11e series are powered by an Intel processor and a battery the company says will last a full day of classes. They also feature external LED indicators for wireless connectivity, power and sleep modes, so teachers can tell who is paying attention and who is still surfing the web.

The versatile Thinkpad Yoga 11e, like its predecessors, can flip and fold between tablet, laptop, tent and stand modes and features an IPS touchscreen display, while the laptop version sports an 11.6-inch HD screen.

Lenovo is yet to release further technical specifications for the Thinkpad 11e series, but says they will available from the Northern Hemisphere spring. The Windows-based models will start at US$449, with the Chromebook versions available from $349.

Source: Lenovo

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