Lenovo has announced a new laptop specifically tailored for schools and students - the Lenovo ThinkPad X130e. Featuring school-proof reinforced, yet lightweight design, the new 11.6-incher from Lenovo comes with multimedia- and web content-capable hardware and battery that should last throughout the entire school day, or even a bit longer.

While the ThinkPad line is quite well-known for durability, the reality of classroom use has prompted Lenovo to go the extra mile. The X130e is equipped with a top cover rubber bumper, rugged enclosure corners (to resist damage when dropped at an angle), hinges good for up to 30,000 cycles, recessed ports, a stronger, island-style keyboard, as well as 1.2 mm thick bezel protecting the LED panel. Its 6-cell battery is reportedly good for 8.5 hours and it weighs in at a totable 3.93 lbs (1.78kg).

The X130e runs Windows 7 OS and is powered by Intel Core i3-2367M ULV, AMD Fusion E-300, or AMD Fusion E-450 CPUs (each equipped with a GPU), as well as 2GB of RAM (upgradeable up to 8GB). Students can present their homework on a larger display connecting it to the X130e via HDMI, or VGA ports. Other connectivity options include Ethernet port, audio and microphone ports, two USB ports, WiFi and Bluetooth. File storage is provided by a choice of 320GB and 500GB HDDs, or 128GB SSD. The laptop also features the red pointing stick that serves as a navigation solution, 4-in-1 media card reader and a low-light webcam.

Lenovo also offers a range of optional services and customization for X130e, including:

  • aset tags to help keep track of lost PCs
  • BIOS modifications
  • custom imaging and a selection of color options
  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Hard Drive Retention (when a faulty HDD is replaced with a new one by Lenovo, the old storage device can be kept by the user with all its data)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X130e will be available beginning December 20, with a starting price of US$469.

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