Lexus introduces Bluetooth technology

Lexus introduces Bluetooth technology
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Sunday October 26, 2003

Luxury car-maker Lexus has introduced Bluetooth technology on the latest Lexus LS430 flagship sedan and the marque's luxury four wheel drive LX470.

The system shown at the 2003 Sydney Motor Show enables drivers to make and receive calls via a button on the steering wheel or through the dashboard-mounted satellite navigation screen, meaning that your Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone doesn't have to be removed from your pocket or briefcase while in the car.

Phonebook listings can be viewed on the on the seven-inch EMV (electro multi-vision) screen that acts as the car's technology hub and drivers may only make mobile calls using up to 18 pre-programmed one-touch numbers while the car is moving oraccess the full phonebook when stationary.
When a call is received, the stereo system quietens and the EMV screen simultaneously changes to the mobile phone interface.

Up to four separate compatible Bluetooth mobile phones can be registered on the Lexus system simultaneously, but only one can be activated at a time.

The Lexus Bluetooth models also feature a rear view camera that automatically switches on when in reverse gear, advanced DVD-based satellite navigation and parking sonar display, all accessible via the dash-mounted screen.

The rear view camera was made available in Australia in September on the new Lexus LS430 and from in October on the upgraded LX470 luxury four wheel drive.

The touch-screen DVD-based 03 model year satellite navigation is approximately eight times faster than CD-based Sat Nav according to Lexus and can plot a trip from a street in Sydney to one in Perth in just four seconds, as well as locating points of interest such as ATMs, petrol stations and restaurants.

The Lexus LS430 luxury sedan, and Lexus LX470 luxury four-wheel drive can be seen until October 26 at the Sydney Motor Show at Darling Harbour.

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