Lexus is no stranger to weird and wonderful concepts. In the interests of drumming up public attention, the brand has created everything from hover boards to spacecraft. Its latest offering is one of its most eye-catching ideas yet. For its appearance in a pop music video, the LIT IS was covered in more than 40,000 LED lights.

With its giant grille and odd shape, the current generation IS didn't lack presence in the first place, but adding 41,999 individual light units definitely makes it that little bit more eye-catching. The car produces an eye-searing 175,000 lumens when it's fully illuminated, and the LED strips used would stretch out for half a mile (800 meters) if laid out end-to-end.

The lights can be configured in three different ways, starting with Attract Mode, which scrolls through a set of colorful animations designed to highlight the design of the car. Although it's definitely bright and colorful, we're not sure being visible from space is what most Lexus owners were chasing when they laid down their cash.

Swapping to Music Viz turns the concept into a giant visualizer, which creates a custom response to the song being played. Finally, Gesture Mode lets users control the display with the help of a games console, essentially turning it into a huge, responsive canvas.

This isn't the first time Lexus has turned to funky, exterior lights on a concept car – when the RC F Coupe was launched last year, the brand created a paint job that flashed in sync with the driver's heartbeat.

As you might have guessed, regular buyers won't be able to buy an LED-covered car from their local Lexus dealership. The LIT IS was produced for a Dua Lipa music video, although anyone who isn't a fan of the British pop star will likely be able to catch a glimpse of the car at their local motor show. Just be sure to pack some sunglasses.

You can check out the LIT IS in the Lexus promo video below.

Source: Lexus

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