Few things can ruin a party like warm beer. You can pack ice around it all you want; you're still going to be waiting half an hour for it to get cold and you'll probably still crack it open too soon. Someone over at LG must have attended one too many get-togethers that turned out this way, because the company unveiled a new refrigerator at CES 2012 that comes with the handiest feature since the built-in ice maker: a Blast Chiller that can cool a can of beer or soda to ice cold in just a few minutes.

LG's new French-door fridge features 31 cubic feet (877 liters) of space for food storage, made possible with thinner insulation and an ice machine that mostly fits inside the door rather than extruding into the main storage area. The interior also features sensors that constantly monitor and adjust the temperature, humidity, and air circulation to keep food fresh for as long as possible.

Of course, the Blast Chiller is the real eye catcher of the whole thing, which is probably why it secured a "Best of Innovations" Award at CES 2012. The compartment cools at an accelerated rate and swirls the air inside to keep the temperature evenly distributed. A 12 oz. can of soda or beer can be chilled to ice cold in five minutes. In eight minutes, the same can happen with a bottle of wine or two soda cans.

Just take a moment now to remember every single house party, holiday, and poker night where something like this would have been worth it's weight in gold.

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