Gamers, graphic artists, CAD designers and even humble tech journalists who regularly spread their onscreen activities across multiple displays will doubtless have been as impressed as we were with LG's 34-inch UltraWide UM95 monitor on show at CES back in January. Now the Korean consumer electronics giant has gone one better with the announcement of an IFA 2014 debut for its 21:9 aspect curved QHD monitor, the UC97.

For some time now, LG and Samsung have been duking it out with curved TV oneupmanship, and now it seems that the battlefield has spilled over into the computing world. Samsung unveiled the V27 curved LED 1080p monitor at CES back in January, taking a CES Innovations award in the process. Now LG has followed suit, and trumped its fellow countrymen, with a 34-inch curved IPS monitor boasting 3,440 x 1,440 pixels.

One of three new monitors hoping to catch the attention of Berlin-bound tech lovers and journalists alike, the new flagship UltraWide monitor supports Thunderbolt 2 for chaining together multiple monitors and fast throughput, and features a 7 W stereo speaker system with Maxx Audio.

The company has also announced the unveiling of a 31-inch monitor next month that packs in 4,096 x 2,160 pixels, and insodoing meets the Digital Cinema Initiative's standard for 4K resolution displays. LG says that MU97 Digital Cinema 4K monitor owners can look forward to ultra-sharp images with wide viewing angles, and those using it for work will appreciate its ability to reproduce 99 percent of Adobe's RGB color space.

Gamers won't be left in the dark at IFA 2014, with LG also taking along the GM77 24-inch monitor with 144 Hz refresh rate for smooth, flicker-free onscreen action. The gaming monitor also benefits from a feature to render consistent blacks across different scenes, and a mode to cut down motion blur. Game Mode also offers players the chance to switch between three optimized settings with the push of a hotkey on the monitor.

Unfortunately, there's currently no word from LG on pricing or availability.

Source: LG

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