Countertop craft beer systems are not new, Seattle's PicoBrew has been offering devices of all shapes and sizes for a number of years and it's not the only company to do so. Now LG has decided to join the party with an automated machine called the HomeBrew, which will make its debut at CES 2019 in Las Vegas next month.

LG says that a combination of single-use capsules, an optimized fermentation algorithm, one touch operation and self-cleaning capabilities should make for "incredibly easy" craft beer production at home.

The whole process has been automated so users can load the machine with a capsule –which contains malt, yeast, hop oil and flavoring – press the button and let it get on with fermenting, carbonating, aging and serving.

The fermenting algorithm has been developed for optimum output, monitoring and controlling temperature and pressure along the way, and the machine is reported capable of producing up to 5 liters of craft beer in about 2 weeks.

Thanks to a companion mobile app for iOS/Android, impatient crafters can check the HomeBrew's status at any time, even if they're not at home. And at the end of the process, the machine will clean itself using only hot water.

So far LG has revealed that five flavors will be made available at launch – an American IPA, and American pale ale, and English stout, a Belgian-style Witbier and a Czech Pilsner. And that's about all the information available at the moment. Expect more to land when CES opens its doors on January 8.

Source: LG

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