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LG’s 11kg washing machine – big load, small space

LG’s 11kg washing machine – big load, small space
LG's 11kg washing machine is the largest domestic washer that fits a standard 24-inch cabinet
LG's 11kg washing machine is the largest domestic washer that fits a standard 24-inch cabinet
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LG's 11kg washing machine is the largest domestic washer that fits a standard 24-inch cabinet
LG's 11kg washing machine is the largest domestic washer that fits a standard 24-inch cabinet
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If you have to wash for a large family or find that you’re constantly in charge of the whole team’s soccer uniforms – or if you’ve ever tried to wash king-size bedding - then you should be interested in what LG has to offer. And while it mightn’t be as sexy as 108-inch flat screen TV or the latest 12-megapixel smart phone, an 11kg washing machine that still fits inside a standard 24-inch cabinet should delight consumers who are burdened by laundry tasks.

If your laundry requirements have increased, but not the space of your laundry, take notice. Gizmag reporters at IFA this week got up close and personal with the largest washer in a standard cabinet. It features an 11kg wash load and 78-liter drum volume in a 24-inch cabinet, offering great efficiency for extremely heavy-duty loads.

“For more than 50 years, LG has raised the standard of people’s lives with innovative home appliances fitting the contemporary lifestyle of each era,” said Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “We have always been the world’s first company to provide the largest-capacity, smart washing machines to market, from 7-9kg and now to the ultimate 11kg capacity. This is part of our continued efforts to address consumers’ current needs.

“As the result of our technological breakthroughs and consumer-focused mindset, this product will serve as a mainstay of LG’s washing machine line-up over the next coming years.”


To achieve the bigger drum space inside the standard cabinet, LG reduced the amount of wasted space in the gap between the outer tub and inner drum. This has been effectively minimized by LG’s new damping system and fixed outer tub in addition to its Inverter Direct Drive™ technology. LG built a new innovative suspension/damping system and reworked the entire interior. LG’s exclusive and Inverter Direct Drive motor eliminates the belt and pulley to create a quiet and durable motor that attaches directly to the drum, thus enabling LG to maximize the inner drum capacity while maintaining the same 24-inch standard exterior.

LG says apart from its small size, the machine is less intrusive into family life with its reduced vibration and lower noise level - only 54dB for a normal course with the tub spinning at 1400RPM and 52dB for the Silent Wash course (general conversation hovers around 60-70dB).

There’s even an overnight wash cycle if there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

The company says that its new damping system with a fixed outer tub and new motion technology provides a smoother, varied tumbling motion and also leads to greater durability. And consumers can optimize their wash cycle by choosing a different drum motion depending on the contents of the load.

LG says this washing defies the belief that a large-capacity washing machine naturally consumes more water and energy. The company insists that this machine proves just the opposite. This new washer automatically detects the size of the load and adjusts the water level and washing mode accordingly, while the Inverter Direct Drive™ Technology eliminates wasted energy, saving consumers up to 20 percent in electricity usage over other A-rated washing machines, the best in the industry even by new Energy Label standards, says LG.

LG washing machines are certified by both the British Allergy Foundation and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America so it doesn’t surprise that the washer claims to be an industry-leader in hygienic fabric care. The cutting-edge steam technology helps eliminate allergens, mites and even detergent residue from clothing and linens for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

The extra large 350mm (13.5in) porthole is the industry’s largest, while the tilted drum and new embossed drum help users easily load and unload their laundry.

No word on pricing or availability just yet.

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We have a washing machine very similar to this, but it\'s the 9kg wash load capacity model from LG, and uses the steam cleaning feature and has the Direct Drive motor. 11kg capacity is huge for washing machines and is comparable to having an oversized flat screen tv as it was described in this article.
Tip: if you are looking for a washing machine and have no idea where to start, you can have a look at the Which? consumer magazine for tips on their Best Buys. You can also get a primer on washing machines in this guide: which I found really simple and easy to understand.
We were really pleased to have gone with the LG washing machine, these laundry appliances have come quite a long way with the technology they incorporate into them.. we used to have the basic push button machines that made a racket of noise, but now we have digital displays and automatic sensors to adjust the wash cycle speed, water levels and wash rhythms to provide the optimum wash. Technology helps make life easier and is hugely convenient, so it\'s good to have sites like that show the latest innovations and creative concepts as it helps push such advances into the mainstream.
Our LG machines (washer/dryer) are now 10 years old and have given us flawless performance. They care for your clothes really well rather than pummeling the fabrics to an early death and leaving you with your clothes now masses of lint.
I highly recommend researching front load technology. The benefits are significant and the downside kind of non-existent unless your space is so small you can't open the door?