If you’re old enough to remember rabbit ears, you've probably told your kids how hard you had it because your old television had dials. Now LG Electronics is bringing back a whiff of those ancient days with its distinctly retro Classic TV (Model 32LN630R). The South Korean electronics firm didn't just swap out the ubiquitous black case for creamy white, the company also added real channel and volume knobs to appeal to those more interested in classic Scandinavian style rather than bleeding-edge design.

According to LG, the Classic TV harks back to the designs of the 1970s and 80s with an emphasis on simplicity and modernity, though the latter seems a bit of a contradiction. However, the maker drew the line at ditching modern flat screen technology in favor of a vintage cathode ray tube.

Instead, the HD set has a 1920 x 1080 resolution LED screen with a 178⁰ viewing angle. It’s also designed for USB and external hard drive connections, as well as Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) for connecting to a smartphone.

The Classic TV sells for 840,000 KRW (about US$750), with a free coffeemaker thrown in to celebrate the launch.

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