Looking to inject a little more versatility into laundry time, LG has launched a two-drawer, front-loading washing machine that can accommodate small loads, big loads, or both at once.

First revealed at CES earlier this year, the bottom section of the LG Twin Wash is occupied by what the company calls a hide-away pedestal. This lower compartment is designed to take smaller loads, like perhaps underwear or those few annoying leftover white items that don't quite warrant an entire load on their own. The handy thing is this can be programmed to its own cycle and run simultaneously with the main washing compartment.

Upstairs a sizeable washer can handle loads of either 17 kg, 19 kg, or 21 kg (38 lb, 42 lb, 47 lb) depending on the model chosen. LG says by attaching the motor to the drum it has reduced the amount of moving parts, therefore improving the machine's efficiency and durability.

The larger 21 kg model also features LG's HomeChat service that lets users track the status of their cycles. This service was launched last year and bears some similarity to Samsung's Smart Home service, which allows users to control appliances like fridges, washing machines and ovens remotely.

The components of the LG Twin Wash can also be purchased separately in case you feel your current washing machine needs a little side-kick. LG says the complete LG Twin Wash is made to fit into the space of a regular front loader and it comes in stainless steel and white.

The machine is available now in Korea, with the company yet to confirm pricing and availability in other locations.

Source: LG

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