One of the hassles of doing laundry is the fact that you can't wash all your clothes at once ... you have to do a load of dark colors followed by a load of whites, and so on. Today at CES, however, LG unveiled a partial solution to that problem – the company's new TWIN Wash system lets you do two loads at a time.

At the heart of the system is the new Mini Washer (model numbers WD100C/WD200C) that sits underneath any of LG's existing full-size front-loading washers, acting as a pedestal for the larger machine.

The Mini Washer itself pulls out from its housing like a drawer, to reveal its own separate controls and top-loading door. Users can then load in clothes and detergent, set it to the desired temperature and cycle, then leave it to wash while the main washer operates independently. According to LG, the Mini is particularly useful for delicate "special care" items, which wouldn't constitute a full load in a regular-sized washer anyway.

The company has yet to state the Mini Washer's capacity, pricing or availability.

Source: LG

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