Hot on the heels of Apple's announcement of two new MacBook Pro models, LG has unveiled a pair of new Ultrafine monitors designed to work with them. Mac-powered workspaces can be scaled up to either 21.5 inches at 4K resolution, or 27 inches at 5K, with better color reproduction and MacOS integration.

The larger 5K display is the big ticket item here, with LG saying the monitor is optimized for the new MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.12 and up. It displays at a resolution of 5120 x 2880 at 218 ppi, and apparently reproduces color across 99 percent of the P3 color space. That color stays sharp and true no matter what angle it's viewed from, thanks to an IPS panel that aims to minimize color shift and loss.

A speedy Thunderbolt 3 connection lets the monitor receive and transfer video, audio and data while charging the laptop it's plugged into, and it can connect to other devices through three USB Type-C ports. The stand is adjustable and there's a camera and microphone built in along with Rich Bass speakers.

LG says the smaller, 4K model supports the new MacBook Pro, but is more suited to the older MacBooks. While the resolution is obviously lower, the pixel density remains solid at 219 ppi and it features the same IPS panel and breadth of color reproduction as its bigger sibling. Also carried across are the three USB Type-C ports, speakers and adjustable stand.

The UltraFine 4K monitor will be available in November for US$1,010, with the 5K version following in December for $1,300.

Source: LG

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