The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is still weeks away, but that hasn't stopped LG from unveiling what's sure to be one of its most eye-catching new products. Measuring 105-inches diagonally and sporting a 21:9 aspect ratio, the upcoming 105UB9 could be the largest curved UHD TV in existence.

Aside from its incredible size, the TV also delivers Ultra HD visuals with a resolution of 5120 x 2160 for a total of over 11 million pixels on the screen. According to LG, the enormous display is proportioned specifically for watching movies and offers a wide viewing angle so everyone can see the finest details on the screen.

The company said that it was able to achieve such a high level of consistency on the curved LCD screen thanks to an improved Thin Film Transistor (TFT) pixel circuit technology developed by its Electronics and Display Divisions.

LG seems to be putting some of its new display tech to good use, since it has already revealed that a line of 21:9 screens for computers will also be making an appearance at CES.

Right now, LG's 105UB9 appears to be the largest curved Ultra HD television in the world, but other companies like Samsung and Philips have competed for similar accolades in the past, so we'll have to see what they bring to the show floor next month.

We may have to wait until later to find out a price or release date for LG's new curved TV as well, since the company has not revealed those details just yet.

Source: LG

UPDATE: It seems that LG's arch-rival Samsung is now also making the same "world's largest curved UHD TV" claim regarding its just-announced Curved UHD TV.

UPDATE 2 (Jan 8, 2014): Added images of the TV from the show floor at CES.)

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