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LG's new outdoor 55 inch LCD panel can withstand 100 degrees Celsius

LG's new outdoor 55 inch LCD panel can withstand 100 degrees Celsius
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Korea's LG Display has developed an LCD panel that can display clear images even when its surface temperature exceeds 100° Celsius. Normally when the surface temperature of an LCD panel exceeds 75° Celsius, part of the display turns black, requiring a separate UV-blocking film, cooling system and protective glass and entailing additional costs and electricity consumption for safe operation. The panel will be cheaper than existing panels, much brighter and can be expected to accelerate the pace of growth of the overall public information display market. LG Display’s new 55-inch panel employs a proprietary liquid crystal structure technology, In-plane switching (IPS) technology, LED backlight and a low light reflection rate of under 2 percent, realizing a brightness level of 2000cd/㎡. As a result, the images shown outdoors are much brighter and clearer than before. With the development of the panel that offers dual benefits of price competitiveness and clear images, LCD panels are expected to make rapid gains in the public display market. Vice president Jun Joon, director of Public Display Department said: "We fused IPS technology, which is demonstrating its true value these days, and our proprietary liquid crystal technology to provide an optimal outdoor solution to customers.” Market researcher iSuppli predicts that the public display market will post rapid growth of over 10% annually from an estimated USD10.6 billion in 2010 to USD15.2 billion in 2013. In particular, iSuppli forecasts that LCD panels would account for a greater portion of the market, from 33% in 2010 to 43% in 2013. The panel will make its debut at China Optoelectronics & Display Expo 2010 on May 8.

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