Over the years, we've seen survival gear in all shapes and sizes – traditional kits, shovels, paracord bracelets, concept snowboards, winter jackets and more. A frisbee-like saucer is one format that we haven't seen ... up until today. The LifeDisc isn't focused on fire, cutlery or water purification, the way other survival kits and gizmos are. Its shape is designed for winding fishing line and paracord around a waterproof survival container.

Many survival kits include some twine and hooks for attempting to catch a fish for sustenance, but few of these set-ups look like something you'd actually want to use when you're exhausted, cold and hungry. The LifeDisc started out as a compact fishing kit design, so its fishing gear is a little more evolved. It isn't exactly a full fishing rod, reel and tackle box, but the spool of 328 feet (100 m) worth of Platypus 30 lb-test fishing line does seem more adequate for reeling in dinner than the small strands of fishing line in other kits.

The fishing line spool fits around a watertight container on the base. The 14.6 cu in (240 cu cm) container does not come stocked with a full survival kit of its own; LifeDisc explains that it leaves it up to the customer to choose what he or she wants to store in there – things like firestarting equipment, knife, first aid gear, etc.

"Whilst we would expect that most survival kits would include an emergency water filter, fire starter, compass, etc., opinions vary widely when selecting personal survival items," LifeDisc designers explain in their Indiegogo campaign. "So whether your preference is for GPS locators or insulin, the best thing that we feel we can offer with LifeDisc is freedom of choice."

For those that wish to give up that freedom of choice, the designers do plan to offer a prepackaged kit. It will include an Aquamira Frontier water filter, Virogard mask, SOL Fire Lite with Tinder Quik, 11-in-1 credit card multi-tool, Fox 40 Micro safety whistle, CRKT RSK Mk5 knife, compass, needle and thread, alcohol swaps, survival snare and wire saw.

Wrapping around the outside of the fishing spool, the LifeDisc has a spool of 39 feet (12 m) of 550 paracord. Paracord has been the trendy thing in survival for a few years, inspiring numerous survival bracelets, belts and other accessories. Paracord can be quite useful for repairing gear, building shelters, and other types of general and emergency wilderness uses.

Once the aforementioned components nest together, a cap secures the package. That cap packs one last survival provision – a shatterproof signal mirror on its exterior.

Its designers claim that the disc's "ultra-tough plastic alloy" is "virtually indestructible," and chemical- and UV-resistant.

The LifeDisc is an interesting survival kit alternative that appears to offer some advantage for fishing. Its 8 x 1.5 in (200 x 37 mm) disc shape will probably make it a little less versatile than other survival kit designs in terms of backpack loading, however.

LifeDisc's designers failed to achieve their Indiegogo goal this week, so they will have to find another avenue to secure the finances they need to launch the disc. You can see how all its parts go together, in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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