Back in 2016, Line 6 said that its Relay G10 wireless system was not only the most advanced in the industry, but was as easy to use as an instrument cable. The company went on to install the technology in its Spider V amplifiers, freeing players from the need to carry a Relay receiver to gigs. Now there's a new flavor designed to integrate into a pedalboard – the Relay G10S.

The original Relay G10 works pretty much exactly as advertised. How do we know? We have a receiver plugged into our guitar amp and a transmitter in the charging port when it's not plugged into a guitar.

We do have a minor gripe, in that the USB power port on the receiver does seem rather fragile, though careful operation has ensured that it still works to this day.

The design also makes integration into the pedalboard setup a little challenging, but Line 6 appears to have solved both issues with the introduction of the G10S.

The receiver unit of the newest member of the Relay family is encased in gig-ready, stomp-sized metal housing that's designed for integration into a guitar or bass pedalboard. In addition to the USB power port, this unit also has a 9 V DC power input.

Also around the back is a switch to engage circuitry that simulates the tone of a regular ol' guitar cable, and an XLR DI output that allows the system to be directly connected to a PA.

The G10S system promises 24-bit lossless digital sound quality that's free of interference and dropouts, and 130 ft (40 m) line of sight wireless range.

Like the original G10, when the transmitter is docked into the receiver, the system automatically locks onto the strongest available wireless frequency. But players can also manually select one of 11 channels on the receiver unit too. And the receiver benefits from clear signal and battery strength indicators on its face.

The G10T transmitter module that ships with the system looks exactly the same as before, and plugs into the instrument jack of the guitar or bass when in use, or into the receiver unit for charging. Players can expect around 8 hours of use between charges.

The Relay G10S is available now for a recommended retail of US$349.99. The video below has more.

Product page: Relay G10S

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