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Liveboard - the live, wireless baseball scoreboard

Liveboard - the live, wireless baseball scoreboard
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March 19, 2008 In terms of need-to-know-NOW, there’s nothing quite like sport – baseball, football, basketball, cricket and motor racing provide the most compelling scheduled live news events on the planet, so they’re a natural for ambient media devices. Now an entrepreneur has begun building these stunning retro scoreboards using Bluetooth and internet technologies. The $200 Liveboard displays the score, inning, batter count, and base occupancy of the game of your choice – live and without any ongoing fees!

We actually think this idea has legs as it’s just as relevant for any type of football, basketball, cricket or motor racing and would make an ideal addition for high-end merchandisers such as Ferrari or Manchester United.

It's wireless too, so you can keep track of the scores in any room within 60ft of your ‘puter (PC or Mac) if the Queen unexpectedly drops in for tea and scones.

As it’s internet driven, your wallet won’t strike out either because there are no monthly fees.

Liveboard has an American white ash frame - the same wood used in baseball bats, and it won't take up much room on your desk or bookshelf at just 7 inches wide, 4.2 inches high and one inch deep.

Liveboard comes with everything you need including a Bluetooth USB adapter, DC power supply, and Liveboard Manager software to light up your Liveboard!

For all those Mac users out there who never expect that a niche program will work on a Mac, there’s even better news – not only does Liveboard offer full Mac compatibility, they’re releasing the Leopard Liveboard Manager THIS WEEK.

We must admit that it’s not so much this product (which is obviously aimed at an albeit sizeable niche market of diehard baseball fans), but the prospects for what it could offer sports bars, other sports fans with a greater need (European and UK soccer fans are constantly watching multiple leagues and competitions which run almost continuously) and for sports nutters of every hue and persuasion.

So, if you think that you’d like a special version built for another sport, contact Peter Crawford Marketing

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