In exciting news for Guitar Hero fans, Logitech has made good on its promise to release premium Wireless Drum and Guitar Controllers for the Wii and Xbox360. Following on from the initial release for the PS3, Logitech’s new peripherals will have lounge room rock stars rejoicing – and all in time for Guitar Hero 5.

The Wireless Drum Controller kits are similar for both consoles. Featuring fully adjustable drum heads and symbols to suit a player’s reach with drum pads that create little noise and offer minimal audible distraction. A stainless steel bass pedal with an adjustable spring for realistic response rounds out the kit, with a recessed rim design meaning less pesky rim shots and more points. The faux skins fold out in seconds and due to their wireless capabilities can be positioned anywhere in the room – front and center for maximum glory or tucked away behind the band, the players decide.

The Wireless Guitar Controllers are again, very similar for both the Wii and the Xbox 360, the most noticeable difference being the color scheme of each particular console’s version. Aiming to make the user experience as realistic as possible, Logitech has used many materials one could expect to find in a real “axe”. The neck is made of maple wood while the frets and tuning peg handles are metal. The realistic craftsmanship continues with a rosewood fingerboard.

Logitech has used rubber dome technology to offer a virtually silent strum bar and fret buttons to avoid the “click clack” of peripherals past. This “noise dampening” design means the self appointed Rock God in control merely needs to focus on shredding those notes.

Both the Wireless Drum and Guitar Controllershave a range of 30ft and are designed to work out of the box for both systems - by pressing the Xbox 360 Guide button the controller connects to the console or in the Wii’s case snapping in the wiimote renders game play good to go (the Wii versions also have an analogue stick for navigating menus).

Logitech claims users can expect a long battery life of about 50 hours (or the average two day rock festival) from two AA batteries.

No word yet on whether there will be any compatibility with Rock Band games, but for those Wii and Xbox 360 lovers of Guitar Hero, let there be rock!

The Wireless Drum Controller and Wireless Guitar Controller are retailing for USD$229.99 and $199.99 respectively for each system and are available now from the Logitech website.

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