Logitech has entered the seemingly insatiable iPad accessory market with a case that should appeal to those looking to use their new iPad 2 for something a bit more productive than playing Fruit Ninja. The Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to match Apple's tablet, features a built-in wireless keyboard and is lined with high-density padding to keep the tablet safe and secure and prevent the keyboard from touching the screen, even if dropped.

The physical keyboard, which is charged via USB, connects to the iPad 2 via Bluetooth and comprises a full QWERTY keypad with special function keys for music, volume, slideshow, home and search controls. The case's flexible hinge makes it easy to switch from touchscreen to keyboard input and can support the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode.

The case, which protects the screen and sides of the iPad, only adds about a quarter of an inch (6 mm) to the thickness of the slimmed down iPad 2 and could be a more convenient solution than carrying around a separate keyboard – even if it's a folding Bluetooth keyboard.

Anyone familiar with the ZAGGmate with keyboard case from ZAGG will recognize that it is identical to the Logitech offering, with a partnership between the two companies giving Logitech worldwide distribution rights to the ZAGGmate case. The Logitech Keyboard case is expected to be available in the U.S. this month and will retail for US$99.99. If you can't wait or are after a case for the original iPad, they are still available from ZAGG for the same price.

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