Injuries and strains from repetitive computer use are all too common, which is why the new Logitech MX Vertical tries something a little different. The mouse is designed to be held in a more natural hand position, reducing effort and strain while keeping all the usual point-and-click functionality.

It's not the first vertical mouse to hit the market but it is the first from Logitech, which makes it a notable debut. At 79 x 78.5 x 120 mm (3.11 x 3.09 x 4.72 in) and 135 grams (0.3 lb) it's heavier than most mice, but the ergonomic benefits are worth it, Logitech says.

The "natural handshake" position and 57-degree angle is reported to reduce muscular strain by 10 percent and will even improve your overall posture as you won't have to grip your mouse in the usual claw-like hold. The vertical mouse also encourages you to move your whole arm when you're selecting and clicking, lessening the pressure on your wrist.

Logitech has included extra cursor speed and accuracy settings in the associated software too, which it promises will lead to around four times less hand movement overall – again taking the pressure and strain off your overworked mouse hand. These settings can be quickly adjusted via a dedicated button on the top of the mouse.

As well as the standard left and right buttons, and the scroll wheel, the mouse features two extra customizable buttons on the left-hand side. Speaking of hands, this looks like a mouse exclusively for right-handers, at least for now.

All the craftsmanship and design quality that Logitech is known for appears to be in evidence again, though it's only possible to tell so much from a press release – the mouse is built from soft rubber and aluminum. Charging is handled over USB-C, and the device can last for around four months on a single charge, according to the specs sheet.

The actual connectivity can be handled via the USB-C charging cable, Bluetooth, or a Logitech Unifying Receiver. You get a cable and a receiver in the box, and the mouse is both Windows and macOS compatible.

Tempted to try and improve the ergonomics of your workstation? The Logitech MX Vertical can be yours for US$99.99. Pre-orders are open now on the Logitech website, with shipping scheduled for September.

Product page: Logitech MX Vertical

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