More information about the flora that will be planted on London's Garden Bridge has been announced. The bridge is aimed at being "a green haven in the middle of the city." Planned by landscape designer Dan Pearson, the planting will span different times, climates and seasons.

The final designs for the Garden Bridge were released earlier this year and, although Pearson was able to give Gizmag some idea of the planting approach when we spoke to him last year, more details have now been released.

Pearson has worked in partnership with ecological experts at Arup, with the stated aims of creating an environment that will foster biodiversity, changeability and maturity. According to the Garden Bridge Trust, the 2,500 sq m (27,000 sq ft) planting area will feature wildlife-friendly tree and plant species and will provide an ever-changing seasonal landscape.

The planting is informed by plant cultivation and species in London from over the centuries, and is split into five different areas. There will apparently be a wide variety of flowering, berrying and fruiting species, as well as an "abundance of nectar-rich flower and fruit throughout the seasons to create a habitat corridor attractive to pollinators and birds."

Willows, for example, will provide early spring catkins for pollinators, while the twice-flowering Glastonbury Thorn will also attract bees and other pollinators. Wild pears will be planted throughout and will provide spring blossom and fruit for birds, while other native and ornamental plants have also been chosen for their spring blossom and for their autumn fruit.

There will be tapestry hedges containing a mix of evergreens, including berrying hawthorn and native sweet briar roses. Silvery shrubby willows will provide a contrast to the evergreens and wild strawberries, ornamental grasses, snowdrops and native wild daffodils will be used to underplant perennials.

Elsewhere, there will be laurel, figs, vines and roses, as well as spring and autumn flowers and grasses and a range of spring, summer and autumn flowering bulbs.

The Garden Bridge is expected to open to the public in summer 2018.

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