Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Light Sabers

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Light Sabers
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July 9, 2005 They may not be real but that isn’t expected stop two of the best known concept weapons in history from fetching in excess of US$50,000 when Beverly Hills auctioneer Profiles in History auctions treasures from the archive of filmmaker Gary Kurtz on July 29. Kurtz was the producer of Star Wars and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and among the lots to go under the hammer will be original, screen-used props such as Luke Skywalker’s hero light saber, Luke's X-Wing flight suit, Darth Vader’s hero light saber and a Stormtrooper blaster. Star wars fans will need the force with them on the day of the auction as bidding is expected to be fierce with Luke’s light saber and flight suit expected to fetch as much as US$80,000 each.

The original Star wars gear to be auctioned, in detail, is as follows:

    Luke Skywalker hero light saber from Star Wars. (TCF, 1977) Estimate: US$60,000-80,000.

Luke's X-Wing flight suit from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back (TCF, 1977&1980) Estimate: US$60,000-80,000.
Darth Vader hero light saber from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (TCF, 1980) Estimate: US$40,000-60,000.

Original screen-used Stormtrooper blaster from Star Wars. (TCF, 1977) Estimate: US$25,000-30,000

Kurtz was also the producer of American Graffiti, Return to Oz and Dark Crystal. He received two Academy Award nominations for Best Picture (Star Wars & American Graffiti). Working closely with George Lucas from 1973-1981 as vice president of Lucasfilm, Kurtz was instrumental in developing the Star Wars trilogy and bringing the first two blockbuster films to the silver screen.

Throughout his lengthy career, he has amassed a huge personal archive of film memorabilia. To help fund the restoration and conservation of artifacts in the Kurtz Archive, over 75 Star Wars related pieces have been selected for de-accession. Their sale will ensure that many more pieces in the Archive can be preserved for future generations.

Profiles in History's LIVE public auction will include over 640 items worth two million dollars! The auction house is recognized for setting world record prices on some of Hollywood's most prized artifacts. Collectors from around the world will bid on vintage and contemporary Hollywood artifacts from film and television including props, costumes, costume designs, production art, photographs and more.

Auction highlights include:

* Harrison Ford signature leather jacket from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (Paramount, 1989) Est: US$40,000-50,000. * Original Derelict Ship set piece from the first two Alien films. (TCF, 1979 & 1986, resp.) Est: US$40,000-$60,000. * "Sarek & Amanda" Star Trek costumes from "Journey to Babel". (NBC-TV, 1966-69) Est: US$30,000-40,000. * Prop grandfather clock from The Munsters. (CBS-TV, 1964-66) Est: US$25,000-35,000. * Burgess Meredith "Penguin" tuxedo shirt from Batman. (ABC-TV, 1966-68) Est: US$20,000-25,000. * Frank Gorshin suit worn as "The Riddler" in the very first Batman episode. (ABC-TV, 1966-68) Est: US$15,000-20,000. * Tom Hanks complete costume from Saving Private Ryan. (Paramount, 1998) Est: US$12,000-15,000. * Capt. Nemo's skiff from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. (Walt Disney, 1954) Est: US$12,000-15,000. * Miniature Batmobile from the first Batman film. (Warner Bros., 1989) Est: US$12,000-15,000. * Original 4077th hometown mileage signpost from M*A*S*H. (CBS-TV, 1972-83) Est: US$10,000-12,000. * Robin William's electronic hero costume from Bicentennial Man. (Columbia, 1999) Est: US$10,000-12,000. * Prop cello used by Lucille Ball in the pilot episode of I Love Lucy. (CBS-TV, 1951-57) Est: US$10,000-12,000. * John Travolta leather chaps from Urban Cowboy. (Paramount, 1980) Est: US$10,000-12,000. * Vintage coffeepot radio from Hogan's Heroes. (CBS-TV, 1965-71) Est: US$10,000-12,000. * John Wayne utility jacket from The Sands of Iowa Jima. (Republic, 1949) Est: US$8,000-10,000. * Archive of 52 binders with hundreds of Gone With The Wind publicity stills. (MGM, 1939) Est: US$8,000-10,000. * Kirk Douglas gladiator armor from Spartacus. (UIP, 1960) Est: US$8,000-10,000. * Buffy the Vampire Slayer amulet. (UPN&WB-TV;, 1997-2003) Est: US$6,000-8,000. * Bill Travilla costume sketch of Marilyn Monroe's dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (TCF, 1953) Est: US$6,000-8,000.

Collectors may bid in person, live on the Internet at, by phone or fax. For more details, see the Profiles in History web site

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