Bubble-type levels have been around for hundreds of years, and even digital models with LCD numerical displays aren't exactly new. A group of Montreal-based entrepreneurs have come up with something a little different, though, in the form of the LED-packin' LumiLevel.

Touted as being the world's most accurate level, the tool features a strip of 25 LEDs that illuminate to one side or the other, indicating its vertical or horizontal angle. Initially, each LED represents a slope of 0.2 degrees. Once the device has been approximately levelled, however, the LEDs switch over to each representing one one-hundredth of a degree, allowing for "fine levelling."

According to the LumiLevel's creators, it offers a viewing area that's 10 times wider than that of a typical bubble level. Additionally, its illuminated display allows it to be seen in the dark.

And as an added bonus, if users give the thing a shake, all of the LEDs will temporarily light up, allowing it to be used like a flashlight. Twisting it back and forth, on the other hand, causes it to provide extra guidance by beeping to indicate how close it is to being level.

The main body of the tool is made of "high-grade" aluminum with a magnetic edge – that edge is curved in cross-section, so it can be snugged up against pipes without slipping. And while the current version of the tool is powered by four AA batteries, plans call for the production model to have an integrated lithium battery that should be good for months of use between charges.

Other features include metric and imperial rulers along the edges, along with indicators marked underneath the LEDs that let users know when it's at slopes of one-eighth, one-quarter, three-eights or half of an inch.

The LumiLevel is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of CAD$39 (about US$29) is required for a 12-inch (30.5-cm) model, or CAD$49 (US$36) for a 24-incher (61-cm).

Source: Kickstarter

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