Cinema glasses aren't exactly anything new. You typically wear the glasses like you would your favorite pair of shades, and then see what appears to be a private giant screen in front of you. The downside of these cinema-shades? You can't see what's actually going on in the world around you. Lumus is attempting to fix that issue with a new line of video glasses that you can see through. The transparent lenses display what appears to your eyes as an 87-inch screen, while allowing you to see what's going on in front of you at the same time.

The video is currently 720p (a 1080p version is in the works) and can display content from devices like an iPhone through the use of a special adapter. Besides watching movies, the idea is that the glasses could be used for things like presentations, where you want to read a speech while focusing on your audience, or for directions to a location while you're walking around.

Lumus isn't trying to sell the glasses on their own, and is instead currently showing the technology off to media companies that might potentially integrate it into their products in the future.

Should you be heading for Japan sometime soon, you can pick up an almost identical product, in the form of Epson's Moverio system.

Source: TechCrunch

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