Ever wonder what the government does with all the rocks and other stuff it brings back from the moon? In Russia's case, it apparently finds a partner to sell some of it off to earthlings with too much disposable income, to wear on their wrist.

The Analog Watch Company is now offering the "Lunar Watch," wristwatches crafted from olivine basalt that was collected on the surface of the moon by the Soviet Luna probe in 1974. The chunky timepieces are hand-crafted in Switzerland and only 25 units will be made.

Analog claims that radiometric dating measured the rock to be 4.5 billion years old, from right around the time the Moon and Earth are believed to have formed, obviously making it older than life on our planet.

The 41-mm moon rock case houses your basic analog watch – definitely no smartwatch operating system on this timepiece. It also comes with an Italian black leather strap, sapphire crystal face, and stainless steel case back.

Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity and is priced at US$27,500. You can see it up close in the promotional video below.

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