August 29, 2008 Luxury Electric will drive its prototype electric vehicle cross the United States in an effort to prove that fully electric vehicles will be practical for longer journeys as well as the short-range commuting at which they already excel. Known simply as "The Electric", the retrofitted Acura TL has 24 Lithium-ion cells which give it a range of around 140 miles.

When the batteries dies, the car only needs to be plugged in to a regular power outlet for about 10 minutes - so the average ‘fuel stop’ time will be longer and more frequent than it would for a petrol powered car.

The company used the the 2008 Democratic National Convention to launch the venture.

“We will demonstrate that electric cars can perform as well or better than gas-powered cars,” said Luxury Electric founder and Nevada Democratic Party Delegate Elliott Small. “The coast-to-coast drive will show that all-electric automotive technology is ready today. We’re eliminating the biggest barrier to mass-market acceptance of electric vehicles by showing that they are not only practical for daily commuting, but deliver outstanding performance, range, comfort and durability as well.”

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