OK, so you're out hiking, canoeing or whatnot with a bunch of people who have gotten spread out all over the place, and you want to know where everyone is. Do you phone them? Not if there's no cellular service. If a new Indiegogo campaign is successful, though, you could just use your LynQ.

Featuring a combination of GPS, long-range/low-power radio communication and a custom antenna, each waterproof LynQ device continuously tracks the current location of its user. If the user of another paired LynQ wants to know where that person is, they just have to press a button and look at the compass-like LCD screen – it will show them how far away the person is, and in which direction.

Every LynQ user can track up to 12 others within a private network, over a radius of 3 miles (4.8 km). One USB charge of the battery is reportedly good for up to three days of use. It's also possible to use the device to find one's way back to an agreed-upon home base, plus LynQ will issue alerts if users such as children wander out of a predetermined safe zone.

No cell service, monthly fees or downloading of maps is required.

If you're interested in getting a pair of LynQs (one of the things alone won't do you much good), you can do so for a pledge of US$154. Assuming everything works out, shipping will take place in November. The planned retail price for a pair is $298.

LynQ is demonstrated in the video below.

Sources: LynQ, Indiegogo

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